Veröffentlicht in Buch, Humor, nicht getestet von uns, positiv Denken

Witty Book Titles

sehr humorige & tiefsinnige Denk- bzw Meditationstitel.

Paintings of Witty Book Titles That Speak of Our Fears
Artist and psychologist, John Deckmann uses both of his identities to explore a series of fictional books that revolve around existential statements and questions.

Taken from our everyday lives, the Copenhagen based artist visually depicts the volume of our fears, uncertainties, our emotional constraints and all those obstacles that hold us back in life, the invisible claws that has clutched our skins and souls. In a way, Deckmann through his series, also portrays how we are swimming in a pool of negativity, drowning in our own self-doubts.The artist being a psychotherapist himself, comes across different individuals everyday, whose fears he listens to; he uses the power of language to soothe their frazzled nerves and to help them overcome the barriers that withheld them from living their lives to the fullest. He in turn translates his discoveries of the underlying truth in their distilled form, using this eccentric book titles as a means to portray emotions in a lighter manner.Deckmann choses simple language and tools like pun and sarcasm in his fictional covers, embodying the texture and look of those worn out self-help books from the 70s. Take a look at them here.

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